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Science of Information Introductory Seminar



This introductory seminar course will explore the elements of the science of information and their manifestation in various domains. There are no pre-requisites for this course. There is an incredibly fun and informative podcast and blog associated with this course (see Related Resources below). You will learn:

* How information can be measured, represented, and communicated effectively
* Why bits have become the universal currency for information exchange
* How these ideas influence the design and operation of modern-day systems like smart phones
* How the science of information emerges in other domains like neuroscience, cryptography, and even the entertainment industry

Related Resources:
Podcast and Blog: The Informaticists


Module Authors
In alphabetical order
Ayfer Ozgur
Assistant Professor
Stanford University

Syllabus/Suggested Schedule

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Week 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to Science of Information
    The introductory lecture of a seminar on the Science of Information
  • A Brief Introduction to Information and Communication Theory
    Ayfer Ozgur Assistant Professor

Week 2: Precision Health and Genomics

  • Science of Information Theory: Precision Health
    Euan Ashley Professor of Medicine and Genetics
  • A Genomic Digital Life Examined
    Hanlee Ji Associate Professor of Medicine

Week 3: Error-Correction and Photonic Computing

  • Introduction to Error-Correcting Codes
    Mary Wootters Assistant Professor
  • Quantum Nonlinear Optics and the Renaissance of Photonic Computing
    Hideo Mabuchi Professor of Applied Physics

Week 4: Compression and Security

  • Human-Centric Compression
    Speakers: Ashutosh Bhown
  • Information-Theoretic Security
    Ziv Goldfeld Post-Doc

Week 5: Big Data Compression

  • Genomic Data Compression and Processing for Large and Growing Databases
    Tsachy Weissman BIO
  • ABC's of Video Compression
    Sarah Parker and Dr. Debargha Mukherjee Google BIO

Week 6: Quantum Information and Order

  • Decoding Spacetime: The Quantum Computational Universe
    Patrick Hayden Professor of Physics
  • Information, Order, and the Big Bang
    Chao-Lin Kuo Associate Professor of Physics

Week 7: Creating an Artificial Retina

  • Private video
    This video is private.
  • Private video
    This video is private.

Week 8: Information and Engineering

  • Perceptual Engineering
    Misha Sra Research Affiliate