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The Center for Science of Information (CSoI) brings together an expansive network of participants to complete its mission of exploring new frontiers in the science of information. The Center is comprised individuals from some of the top educational research institutions in the United States, including:


Given the interdisciplinary nature of the science of information, participants represent various disciplines within the physical, biological, and social sciences. Each of these individuals brings a unique and complementary set of strengths vital to completing the research, education, and outreach work at the heart of the Center's mission.

Participants include researchers from all levels including undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and university faculty – and a team of professional staff that facilitates the work of the Center. Along with the institutions that constitute the core of the Center’s participants, the Center is affiliated with many external collaborators and strategic partners from research institutions across the world. In addition to participants directly and currently supported by the Center, there is now a large alumni base, many of whom continue to build on foundations established at the Center.