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Channels Program


CSoI’s long term vision is to educate a new generation of diverse students in different disciplines with the core fundamentals, methods, algorithmic thinking, and understanding of applications in the Science of Information. Our education plan encompasses a framework for a multidisciplinary Science of Information curriculum as a specialty within a variety of related disciplines.

CSoI also provides students funded research and mentoring experiences with the field’s top faculty at the most prestigious schools. Its REU and Channels Programs aim to broaden the Science of Information community by providing a pathway or "channel" towards a wide range of opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs. Specifically, both programs seek participation from members of underrepresented groups who are interested in doing research within the disciplines related to the Science of Information. Besides being active in CSoI research, these awardees often participate in science outreach/education efforts to further promote diversity with STEM.

The Center also offers an online repository of course materials that provide a foundation for graduate level research. In addition, future opportunities for students may be available through summer research experiences and travel to workshops and conferences.


The Channels of Opportunity

CSoI Channels Scholar REU Program: This paid academic year program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in a research experience related to the Science of Information, especially as it concerns Information Theory. Awardees receive guidance from a mentor who is university faculty. Mentors are usually chosen by the student, but we can assist the applicant with finding a mentor based on their research interests. In order to participate in this program, students must submit a one-page research project description, resume, and unofficial transcript. Students may reapply to the program each academic year. Awardees spend 50 hrs/month on their project during the Fall and Spring semesters while taking classes and receive a stipend for their research. In addition, awardees will also submit progress reports bi-annually. Channels Program Scholars must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Channels Program Scholars are also expected to participate in the Center-sponsored undergraduate summer workshop(s) on research in the field of Science of Information.

CSoI accepts participants on a rolling basis.



Q: Must I be from an underrepresented group to participate in CSoI’s undergraduate research and mentoring programs?

A: No. While the Center places a strong emphasis on recruitment of students from underrepresented groups, there are many factors we consider when evaluating students for our programs. These include but are not limited to race, class, gender, geographic location, disability, veterans status, and whether a student is a first-time college attendee from his/her family.

Q: What’s the difference in the Channels Scholars Program and the REU program?

A: Each is a research and mentoring program that matches an undergraduate student with a researcher focused on the science of information. The Channels Scholars Program accepts applications for undergraduates from any university. Undergraduates participating in the REU program are nominated by faculty affiliated with the Center.

Q: Must I be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident?

The Center places a strong emphasis on recruiting U.S. Citizens and permanent residents but not to the exclusion of international students. For more information about eligibility, please see the REU and Channels Scholars program descriptions above.

Q: I’m looking for a summer research experience only. Can I participate?

A: Summer research experiences may be available to those already participating in our program and as an extension of their current projects supported by the Center.



For more information about any of the CSoI Channels Program opportunities or other diversity initiatives within the Center, please contact: