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  • Information for Strategic Partners

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    Researchers with the Center for the Science of Information actively collaborate with various partners to undertake proprietary, nonproprietary research projects. The Center for Science of Information focuses on the following core technical problems, all of which find relevance in various strategic and industrial partnerships:

    • Next Generation of Information Science: Center researchers develop formal models, methods, abstractions and analyses that work together to integrate aspects of space, time, structure, context, semantics, and resources.
    • Retrieving Usable Information and Knowledge from Big Data: Center researchers extract information from and about large data sets, focusing on how such data sets are represented, manipulated, obfuscated, and translated. Doing this makes the data usable for critical decisions and actions.
    • Architecting Future-Generation Communication Systems: Center researchers have developed methods for taking diverse communicating entities (from nanoscale sensors to large servers) and making it possible for them to interact with one another, thus creating large-scale networked environments of many types and varieties.
    • Applications of Science of Information: Center researchers have taken ideas central to the science of information and applied them to data sets from many diverse areas of research in order to develop and improve models and methods that more effectively and efficiently analyze these data sets.
    • Future Generation Information Processing Systems: Center researchers engage in work centered on emerging topics in quantum information theory, quantum error correction and fault tolerance, and the realization of quantum information theory.

      In particular, CSoI highlights the following research initiatives that hold promise for future research projects and partner collaborations. Please contact us to learn more about these initiatives or to discuss topics that are of particular interest to your organization.

      • Information Content in Dynamic Networks
      • Reasoning about Misinformation: A Formal Model
      • Distributed Privacy
      • From Local to Global Inference: Data-Driven Consistency
      • Feature Selection via Fourier Framework
      • String Reconstruction Problems



      Join Us

      The Center welcomes new opportunities to work with strategic partners of all types. These partnerships accelerate the implementation of discoveries and innovations by combining the resources and guidance of strategic experts with the research and development acumen of CSoI scientists and researchers. Partners are thus able to take advantage of timely and commercially relevant technologies. Specifically, the Center is open to collaborations in which the Center can provide:

      • Opportunities to Shape the Center’s Research Agenda
      • Considerable Intellectual Resources
      • Well-qualified Students and Researchers
      • A Diverse and Capable Research Pool

      For more information on becoming a CSoI strategic partner, please contact:

      Bob Brown, Managing Director