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  • Brent Ladd

  • Director of Education & Diversity
    Center for Science of Information
    Purdue University

    Brent's primary efforts for over two decades have focused on developing and evaluating experiential learning initiatives and fostering communities of practice on topics ranging from soil health, watershed science and water quality, and science of information while working with faculty across colleges of agriculture, engineering, science, technology, liberal arts and training undergraduate and graduate students. Prior to joining the NSF-STC center in 2010, he co-led education, outreach, graduate training, and technical assistance efforts with Purdue’s Discovery Park Center for the Environment (2007-2010) and the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (1999 – 2007). Brent holds an MS in Ethology, and a BS in Animal Sciences and Agribusiness, both from Purdue. He led a recent XPRIZE student team to first place award (2021), received the Early Career Award from Purdue (2006), was recognized twice with the Bravo Award (2019, 2021), member of the top course for Excellence in Distance Education team award (2010), is a graduate of Brave Leaders, Inc. training, and certificate holder in Permaculture Design, and in Watershed Management. He enjoys playing guitar and songwriting, hiking in nature, and writing.

    Brent's C.V.