Curriculum for All

"We are a hub for learning that brings together foundational and advanced topics in information and data science for students in our core disciplines as well as the broader STEM community and general audiences." ~ Brent T. Ladd, CSoI Director of Education

Science of Information Learning Hub

22 universities have developed new SoI related courses and content (see map). A total of 7,086 students have been enrolled in classroom-based SoI content courses taught by our Center faculty. Student evaluations show significant increases in information literacy, data skills, and multidisciplinary understanding.

Our three online MOOC courses on edX and FutureLearn have over 60,000 online learners, and has attracted 420,526 views accessing our educational materials with 548, 189 total downloads of educational materials.

Our Science of Information Learning Hub has 1,144 video tutorials organized under topic modules, seminar series, and full-semester courses. This online platform has allowed us to reach students around the world in 184 countries that are interested in gaining knowledge in the science of information.


Courses associated with the Center showing university locations. All 11 Center partners and 11 additional universities are represented. 7,086 students enrolled at our partner institutions in classroom-based SoI courses during periods 1-10.

Locations of universities (129) represented by attendees at CSoI education events totaling 4,571 attendees during the first through tenth NSF periods of the Center.